Failout 3

Let Us In!
March 17th, 2010, 9:30 am

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Ultimate Ridley
Posted by Ultimate Ridley
March 17th, 2010, 10:12 am

NOTE: The speech bubbles without tails belong to Alphonse Almodovar (the Vault 101 Overseer), who is speaking through the intercom.

I finally learned a better way to compress the images. The other ones have some random white spots here and there where they shouldn't be, but I was sizing the comics down with MS Paint. I tried it with Paint.NET this time, and, well, Paint.NET is more efficient in resizing stuff. Doesn't chop up the detail.

James (the main character's father) is trying to get into the Vault in order to disappear since Project Purity's failure, plus he wants a nice shelter for his newborn child (lol _____ as a baby), but he has to negotiate with the Overseer. The conversation doesn't go like this (at least, I'm pretty sure it doesn't), but I thought this would be pretty funny.

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Reader's Comments:

Posted by eterno07
March 18th, 2010, 11:28 pm

hahahhaa! hilarious, I love the stupid excuses from the overseer
so he was born with the enclave armor already? hehehe aww hes like, tiny xd

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